Scotland unveils hydrogen gas trains project

Scotland unveils hydrogen gas trains project

A Scottish hydrogen-fuelled train is because of be created and tested within the country because the renewables hub appearance to ban diesel traveller trains among fifteen years.

The train is because of be created by changing ScotRail carriages that were abandoned in late last year.

The train refurbisher Brodie Engineering in Kilmarnock has been commissioned for the conversion work. The technology is being developed by Arcola Energy and Scotland’s University of St Andrews within the Scottish Enterprise theme.

CEO of London-based Arcola Dr mountain Todd aforesaid gas might be used on long, non-electrified routes that were unsuitable for battery-run trains.

Todd aforesaid it might be alittle practicableness study, involving the refit of a former ScotRail category 314 electrical train.

But cheaper sources of gas would be needed since the world’s most well endowed and lightest element is presently way more pricy than fossil fuels.

In the US, as an example, gas is presently fourfold costlier than standard fuel, at just about US$16 per gallon.

The Scottish authorities conceive to build gas production on the brink of wind farms to use surplus electricity to scale back the value.

Todd said: “We have to be compelled to create a serious modification to the energy system, with additional power from renewable sources to the grid.”

German gas trains created by Alstom began carrying passengers in 2018 and different analysis comes are operational in European country.

Scotland has pledge to “decarbonise” its traveller trains by 2035, 5 years before the remainder of the united kingdom.

The UK itself has committed £28 million in funding for 5 comes centered on gas production.

The funding is a component of a £90-million package that comes from a wider £500-million innovation fund. The gas offer programme focuses on 5 comes.

The comes embody “low-carbon gas production plants” in northwest European country and close to Aberdeen in Scotland.

The capital government’s Transport Scotland has conjointly committed to trialling hybrid self-powered trains employing a mixture of gas and batteries.

Transport Scotland said: “In line with our commitment to take the railway by 2035, gas is one among the energy sources we tend to are exploring as another to diesel.

“We are operating with Scottish Enterprise and rail trade partners to visualize however this will be much applied to a retired category 314 ScotRail train.”

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