The world’s largest hydrogen-powered mining truck

The world's largest hydrogen-powered mining truck

Plug Power Inc. will provide a custom refueling gadget for the world’s largest hydrogen-powered mining truck, so that you can start operating next year as part of an assignment between Anglo American and ENGIE.

ENGIE decided on Plug Power, a leader in hydrogen engines and fuel solutions that enable e-mobility, following the signing of a global partnership agreement between the two introduced in September.

ENGIE is working with Anglo American to expand renewable hydrogen production and refueling response to help a new hydrogen-powered transport truck that Anglo says will have ‘first mover’ status next year, followed by the use of a test and validation program at the group’s Mogalakwena platinum metal mine (pictured. Credit: Anglo American), in South Africa. After this point, it is anticipated that the vans will be deployed at different Anglo American operations. This is all part of the FutureSmart Mining program.

To assist the refueling mission, Plug Power has been tasked with building a complete compression, storage and dispensing device to service the brand new hydrogen-powered vehicle. The Plug Power device may be the first of its kind, and the largest employer-built refueling machine to date, with an anticipated production of 1,000 kg/d.

Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug Power, said: “The high quality scope of this work reaffirms Plug Power’s dedication to facilitating the global adoption of hydrogen as a clean electricity source, yet also our role as the leader of the refuelling arena. “Our partnership with ENGIE is opening the door to new and exciting possibilities outside the United States and in the materials market, where we have continually demonstrated our expertise.

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