UK hydrogen plastic plant gets green light

UK hydrogen plastic plant gets green light

In January I told you about this company and finally this facility that transforms plastic into hydrogen in the UK has received design consent near Ellesmere Port.

The first business plant is one step closer

Last year, a partnership agreement was signed to create a hydrogen plastic facility near Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. The search consent for the development of £7 million ($8.1 million) has now been approved by Cheshire West and the City Council.

What they do:

  1. It is developing a plastic waste programme for power and heat plants.
  2. They offer an economical use for non-recyclable plastic.
  3. Increases incinerator performance by reducing raw material hp.
  4. Improve the profitability of MBT and AD when dealing with waste plastics.
  5. All hazardous by-products are safely extracted and properly disposed of.

The facility can convert thirty-five t/d of non-recyclable plastics into hydrogen, which can be used as fuel for vehicles. The capacity will generate electricity that will be delivered to industrial users through a microgrid. This plant is the UK’s leading facility using Powerhouse Energy’s standard distributed generation (DMG) technology, which involves cutting up plastics and volatilizing them to supply synthetic gas.

List of benefits:

  1. High conversion efficiency, synthesis gas purity and gross generation capacity efficiency
  2. Capable of dealing with mixed non-recyclable plastics
  3. End of syngas waste produces less pollutants than high energy gas, and meets all legal requirements
  4. All hazardous by-products are safely extracted and properly disposed of.

Myles Kitcher, manager of Peel Environmental, said: “The creation of this first facility in the UK is a good step towards unravelling two vital issues: the large amount of waste plastic being manufactured and also the over-reliance on fossil fuels for energy. The technology has been tested at the architects’ science park and can now be marketed at Protos, before being rolled out across the UK. Construction is expected to start later this year and the facility is expected to be operational by 2021.

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